Proper Hood Fit

I’m often asked how a hood should fit. The answer, to me, is simple. However, most hoodmakers’ have different opinions on the subject. Here’s my view:

A good fitting hood should:

  • Not rub on the gape or cere.
  • Not come in contact with the bird’s eyes.
  • Close completely in the back.
  • Not slip.

When a hood arrives, chances are the beak opening will not be perfect. That is because each bird’s beak is slightly different in size and shape, so hoodmakers make a “universal” beak opening which can be tailored to each birds’ needs once it arrives.

If your hood does not offer a perfect fit when it arrives, please contact me and I’ll direct you in how to adjust the beak opening.

A few common problems with hoods when they arrive:

    • The hood is not placed far enough back on the bird’s head before closing the braces. Please see the photos below for how a hood should be positioned.
    • The beak opening is slightly too “long” and covers the bird’s gape. This is an easy fix by slightly trimming the beak opening.
    • If the bird can see out of the beak opening, or can toss the hood, the hood is usually a little too large.
    • If the bird is good to the hood, but freaks out when a new hood is put on it’s head, the new hood may be too small.

Here are a few examples of good fitting hoods: