I have been a licensed falconer since 2006 and have flown a number of different species of raptor. One of the things I realized early on was that it is very difficult to find reasonably priced, high quality falconry equipment. Accordingly, I started making all of my own equipment and soon began receiving requests for custom hoods. Since then, I’ve striven to provide falconers, breeders, rehabbers, and bird abatement professionals with high quality, hand-made, custom falconry equipment.

While I’m proud of all the equipment I make, I am particularly fond of three products. First is my micro-raptor equipment. I really enjoy flying small birds, such as the American Kestrel. These small birds require special equipment. My kestrel and merlin hoods usually weigh less than 3 grams and provide the same great fit and quality construction of my larger hoods. My micro jesses weigh less than 1 gram per pair!

The second piece of equipment that I really enjoy making are collector hoods. Contrary to popular belief, my hoods are not air brushed. I use paint brushes to dye each custom pattern, from mild to wild. Please see the collector hoods page for examples.

Finally, I’ve recently started making Squirrel Buster Anklets to help protect birds from squirrel bites. These are gaining in popularity each season since I introduced them in 2013, and I’m glad to hear that my gear has helped prevent squirrel bites!