Collector Hoods

To read about how our hoods are made, what sizes are available, and our fit guarantee, please click here.


Collector hoods are some of my favorite to make because it allows me to create custom, creative pieces for your bird. While many people think I airbrush these hoods, that is not the case. All of these hoods are dyed by hand.

Collector hoods usually include custom dye work and sometimes custom shaped eye panels. I also have a process I call “branding” which really makes hoods stand out. Branding is a method in which the leather is permanently scarred. “Branded” hoods can have a subtle look, where the branding is apparent only upon close inspection (see the eye panels on “The Wasp”) or can be eye-catching as on “The Dragon.” If you’re interested in creating a one of a kind piece for your bird, contact me and we will create a perfectly-fitting piece of art for your bird.

These hoods are excellent for:

  • Day to day use
  • Falconry meets.
  • Hood collections.

Collectors hoods usually range from $95-$150 each including shipping. However, the final price will depend upon the design’s complexity. Please click here to place an order.

Please note that due to copyright and trademark issues, I will not put sports team logos on hoods, sorry!