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Other Hoodmakers

While it may seem unorthodox to have links to people in the same line of work, others create hoods that are simply amazing in styles that I do not make or with features that I do not include.

David Wadsworth creates absolutely beautiful hoods, including those with plumes, which is something I do not do. If you’re looking for a beautiful feather-plumed hood, I would suggest contacting him.

Bryant Tarr is well known for his Anglo-Indian style hoods, which are second to none! He also makes Dutch hoods including those with lizard skin eye panels. Click here to visit his website.

Other Leatherworkers

Rich Borquist of Sundowner Studios Custom Leather makes absolutely beautiful leather products. Simply stated, Rich is the most talented figure carver I’ve ever seen. He makes many leather products, including hood protectors, belt buckles, and flasks.