Braided Equipment

Simply stated, I got tired of seeing the micro raptors wearing equipment which is clearly too large and heavy for them. There is no reason for it!

I offer two sizes of braided equipment for small raptors:

  • The “micro” size: Six-strand braid of 100lb braided Spectra. The “micro” jesses generally weigh less than 1g per pair, and I recommend them for sharp-shinned hawks, merlins, and kestrels. Please note that the button may not be large enough to use with grommets.
  • The “small” size: Six-strand braid of 50lb braided Dacron. These were developed for those who use grommets but still want very lightweight, yet incredibly strong equipment. The “small” jesses weigh about 1.5g per pair and are appropriate for coopers hawks, gyr/merlin hybrids, and similar sized birds.

Prices are as follows:

Equipment set: 1 pair of mews jesses, 1 leash extender, and 1 fox safety leash: $50 shipped. Add extra set of jesses for $10.

If purchased separately:

  • Jesses: $20/pair shipped
  • Extender: $15 shipped
  • Leash: $25 shipped