Micro Hoods

While finding a great-fitting hood is difficult, finding one which weighs next to nothing is nearly impossible. I pride myself on my ability to make some of the lightest, best-fitting hoods available for small raptors. As an example, my female merlin sized hoods (size 3 or 4) generally weigh right around 4g. Don’t make your bird wear a big heavy hood, contact me and I will get it set up properly.

*Important Note* – Many of the hoods on this page weigh less than 4g. However, I have started using a stronger brace material on micro hoods and it has increased the weight of micro hoods slightly. Kestrel and Merlin hoods generally weigh 3.5g-4.5g depending on the hood size.

I can make Micro hoods in any of the styles listed on the hoods page. Micro hoods are made from vegetable-tanned kip and the braces are nylon. Ultrex braces can be used instead for no extra charge, but they weigh a bit more than the nylon I prefer.  Prices start at just $75 shipped.