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To request an order, please use the form below. I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. I prefer payment through Paypal, however I will also accept postal money orders.

Prices include shipping* and are as follows:


  • Traditional Dutch Hoods: $75
  • Collector Hoods: starting at $95

Hood Braces

  • Ultrex braces: $5/pair

Braided Equipment (6-strand braid)

  • Set: $50 (+$10 for 12-strand braid)
    • Includes 1 leash, 1 pair mews jesses, 1 leash extender
    • Extra pair of jesses add $10

If purchased individually:

    • Jesses: $20/pair
    • Extender: $15
    • Leash: $25
    • Please contact us for pricing on individual pieces in 12-strand braid.

Package Deals

  • Trapper’s Special: $200¬† (save $25)
    • Includes 3 traditional Dutch hoods of sequential sizes.
  • New Bird Special: $110 (save $25)
    • Includes 1 traditional Dutch hood, as well as a full leash set with an extra pair of jesses.
  • Redtail Special: $375 (save $75)
    • Includes 6 traditional Dutch hoods in sequential sizes. This set includes every size you could need to for a redtailed hawk.
  • Breeder/Abatement Special*: Please contact us, substantial discounts apply. Applies to orders of 5+ hoods or 5+ equipment sets.


*Shipping not included for the breeder/abatement special. Please expect to add about $10 to the final price of your order for shipping. Prices which include shipping are for within the United States only. International shipments may incur an increased shipping cost.


To place an order, please email me.