Squirrel Buster Anklets

Everyone who’s even considered hunting squirrels with their bird knows the possibility of the bird taking a bite. A friend approached me and asked if we could find a way to protect his bird, maybe with stingray leather. Turns out he was really onto something!

First introduced in the 2013 hawking season, Squirrel Buster Anklets are made of bison leather as the backing, which is thick, yet incredibly durable and supple. Stingray leather, which is immensely tough, yet still thin and supple, is then sewn in a protective layer over the bison to create a thick, supple, and protective anklet. Squirrel Buster anklets are generally made a bit taller than your typical anklet to help protect the tarsi, but I can make custom sizes upon request. I typically sell Squirrel Buster anklets for female Harris’ hawks, and both male and female Redtailed hawks.  If you’d like a pair for a different species/sex please contact me.

TO DATE – No squirrel bite has penetrated the Squirrel Buster Anklet!  Typically, all you see after the bite is a small white mark on the anklet, which tends to fade with time. 

I offer two different styles of anklet, but the difference is purely cosmetic. The white stripe version is more expensive as there is less of that section on the hide.

White Stripe – $35

Solid Black – $25

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Passage female redtail with white stripe anklets

Squirrel Buster Anklets after a few bites. Note the white marks on the anklet, and ZERO penetration.